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How Does it Work?
FOSSILSHIELD® is professionally applied by our team and provides a unique residual protective layer on targeted surfaces, controlling red mite populations with its physical properties.
The FOSSILSHIELD® unique formulation is highly resistant to moisture, is approved for use on organic farms and protects over 5 million hens in the UK every year.
About Red Mite...
The application
A professional application typically takes place after washing and disinfection, prior to the next flock arriving, and is effective in all types of poultry housing, especially Flatdeck, Breeder and Multitier systems.
Utilising powder coating manufacturing techniques and electro-static technology, FOSSILSHIELD® powder is charged with low voltage electricity and applied by our professional trained team. 
Using a targeted method, rather than a blanket dusting method the FOSSILSHIELD® powder grips to and wraps around areas where red mite like to live and on the routes and surfaces they use to reach the birds, such as nest boxes egg belts, posts and feeder legs.
As the red mite crawl through the powder, FOSSILSHIELD® scratches their outer waxy layer, drying them out, killing the mite in a physical and natural way. 
FOSSILSHIELD® is not applied in slurry form, does not contain adhesives to allow it to stick to surfaces and can be washed off at the end of the flock cycle.​
What our customers say...

“We have had 3 flocks treated with FOSSILSHIELD 

red mite control and it has proved to be extremely effective.”

12000 Flatdeck Farm, Gloucestershire

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