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Professional Application

Our professional team has 20 years of expert red mite treatment knowledge


Fossil Shield protects your hens throughout peak production

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hens in the UK

How Does it Work?
FOSSILSHIELD® is professionally applied by our team and provides a unique residual protective layer on targeted surfaces, controlling red mite populations with its physical properties.
The FOSSILSHIELD® unique formulation is highly resistant to moisture, is approved for use on organic farms and protects over 6.75 million hens in the UK every year.
About Red Mite...

Pale Combs, Scabs

loss of feathers

up to


mite carried on one bird


Bacteria & Viruses


in egg production




for 10 months


in cracks

& crevases


of poultry farms have red mite

The application
A professional application typically takes place after washing and disinfection, prior to the next flock arriving, and is effective in all types of poultry housing, especially Flatdeck, Breeder and Multitier systems.
Utilising powder coating manufacturing techniques and electro-static technology, FOSSILSHIELD® powder is charged with low voltage electricity and applied by our professional trained team. 
Using a targeted method, rather than a blanket dusting method the FOSSILSHIELD® powder grips to and wraps around areas where red mite like to live and on the routes and surfaces they use to reach the birds, such as nest boxes egg belts, posts and feeder legs.
As the red mite crawl through the powder, FOSSILSHIELD® scratches their outer waxy layer, drying them out, killing the mite in a physical and natural way. 
FOSSILSHIELD® is not applied in slurry form, does not contain adhesives to allow it to stick to surfaces and can be washed off at the end of the flock cycle.​
What our customers say...

“We have had 3 flocks treated with FOSSILSHIELD 

red mite control and it has proved to be extremely effective.”

12000 Flatdeck Farm, Gloucestershire


Frequently asked questions

Product & Application

How long does Fossil Shield last?

Fossil Shield is a residual product. Due to the grip of the powder and its high resistance to moisture, you should see very little red mite up to 40 weeks after treatment and past peak production. The efficacy can depend on the shed type. A moden shed with sheet metal walls and roof compared to a 30 year old shed with wooden panels will experience different results. however 80 % of our customers do not require a second treatment throughout a flock cycle. A Fossil Shield application is most effective when the entire shed is thoroughly clean, dry and empty prior to a flock placement.

What is the cost of a Fossil Shield treatment?

Our pricing is tailored to each farm, please contact us so that we can go through your requirements and farm set up.

What types of farms can be treated?

Fossil Shield can be applied to any poultry farm. The best results are acheived in free range, multi-tier and breeder systems.

Why is Fossil Shield better than water-based diatom?

All ‘diatoms’ are gritty, which allows the powder to break down the waxy coating of the mite. However, PCS found the powders dispersed in liquid, when applied, were a lot smoother. This reduced the coarseness and therefore the effectiveness in breaking down the red mite tissue. Some water based/slurry applications can contain adhesives which allow the diatom powder to stick to shed surfaces. However, as well as having a smoother finish, the residue can become difficult to wash off equipment and can even affect moving parts. Fossil Shield can be washed off with normal pressure washer hose.

Can i buy the Fossil Shield powder?

Currently you can only use our professional site application service to access the benefits of a Fossil Shield treatment.

Site Preparation

What do I have to do to prepare?

We ask that the shed be dry, plastic nest covers taken off & laid upside down, egg belt covers upside down (if applicable) and feeder turn plates on slats. We also provide a preparation guide to all new customers outlining all aspects for the treatment.

Safety & Regulations

Is Fossil Shield registered under the EU / ECHA Biocide Directive?

Yes. Fossil Shield is manufactured in Germany and is registered and approved in the BAuA database as well as the EU databse. The registrations are listed below: EC number: 231-545-4 Active ingredient: Synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide (nano) Type: 18 - Insecticides, acaricides and products to control other arthropods Fact sheet: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BAuA Registration Name: Fossil Shield Number: N-24482 EC Number: 231-545-4 CAS Number:

How safe is Fossil Shield?

Fossil Shield does not contain a chemical or active ingredient. However Fossil Shield is derived from diatomaceous earth, a very dry dust and irritate the throat and eyes when it is airbourne. Whilst the product is being applied in the sheds, customers and other people on site must wear FFP2 dust masks.